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One of the fastest growing Start-Ups in the arena of empowered education, Mind Mingle is an initiative to promote the concept of experiential learning methodology, purposeful education and understand the unique passion and potential of each child. We work with all the stakeholders of a School i.e. Principals, Students, Parents and Educators giving them an opportunity and a platform to think of learning and education in an unconventional way.

We are a part of the revolutionary drive committed to making a shift from the way our children are being taught, to the way they should be learning by pushing for an all inclusive development of child’s mind. Mind Mingle is an Educational organization which works for the overall development of the schools through educational programs for school students and school leaders.

Mind Mingle educational programs include:

  • Academic trips for school students based on “Experiential Learning”
  • Educational visit to creative schools for School Leaders based on “Sharing & Learning”
  • ‘The Inspiration Festival’ to explore ideas of leading educationists.
  • School Transformation & Teacher training solutions
  • Various workshops for students: Career counselling, management etc.

Our Academic Partner: Eliad Group, California

Eliad Group is a world-leading education transformation consulting firm. We design and support game-changing shifts in schools’ approach to learning that help children become future ready, and we help schools evolve into the modern organizations they need to be to support their learners in a new and improved kind of learning environment.

We bring a unique mix of top-in-class experience in:

  • Building and facilitating experiential and entrepreneurial learning programs
  • Growing and evolving teacher practice in 21st century learning methods
  • Shifting school culture to embrace the conditions needed to enable and sustain change
  • Organizational change management from within the corporate and educational arenas

If you are an educational leader looking to guide your school or network of schools into the future, look to us to be an extension of your team. Together, we can develop a strategy, grow your team’s capacity, and catalyze managed yet transformative programmatic and organizational change.

Mind Mingle and Eliad Group share a common vision for the future of education. You may reach out to us directly, or speak with Mind Mingle about the possibility of working together.

Please see these examples of some of our programs:

GreenLEAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVFukzoj12E

iLead+Design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR9Z78DDFPw

Please see the following Inspiration Festival talk by one of Eliad’s senior consultants:


Our Mission:

Creating opportunities for overall development of a school, to help school students use their maximum potential & study through experiential learning and for school leaders to improve quality education.

Our Vision:

Every child will not only go to school but experience “Education.