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MindMingle trip has been a great experience .From the onset, it was a very well conceived idea. Certainly conferences and seminars are not as inspiring as experiencing change, seeing innovation in practice.
The schools you chose were very well picked and trips there were really thought inspiring . I complement you for so smoothly arranging for sessions with Anju Ben, Kiran Sethi and Himanshu Patel.
Other arrangements were equally good. Above all your personal involvement, enthusiastic participation and personal care to each individual was wonderful.
You have started with a BANG . Keep it up
Ms. Ritu Kohli, Principal, Eicher School, Faridabad
There is a great saying that “Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you. – Will Rose”. You have proved that it was a great success to all of us because of your “Mind Mingle Study Tour”.
Personally, I am of the opinion that, though a few of us have already heard about “sharing and learning”, it was quite a new experience for me. It was also a wonderful and memorable tour which enabled us to explore innovative methods in the field of Education. I am sure that this experience reinforces the learning in the listeners. The entire trip was found to be very useful and I hope that as a team leader, we will adopt these best practices not only in academics but also in our individual career.
Thank you Shakeel & Naveen, for enabling us to explore new trends in “Teaching and Learning” and I am sure that we will tread the children in the right direction.
I am happy to see a positive response to the material I am sharing with my team now. I hope that is because of joining in this memorable journey.
Hope you will arrange such a useful programme for us in future too.
I wish you a great success in your determined career.
Ms. Sripriya RS, Principal, Equitas Gurukul Matrikulation School, Karur
Congratulations for initiating a program for school Principal’s which in a subtle way cajoled the learner in each of us. It was a perfect blend of sharing best practices and engaging in problem resolution. Your personal touch to ensure constructivism is noteworthy. Wishing you all success.
Ms. Nirmala Krishnan, Principal, Mahindra World School, Chennai
I thank for the wonderful, informative tour MindMingle organized. Over all experience for MindMingle tour was best. The entire tour turned out to be learning session for me. Not only learning but interacting with new personalities was another great experience.I appreciate Naveen and Shakeel for the efforts they took. I am impressed with their management and arrangements they made. Selection of schools for this specific tour is appreciable.
Mr. Sachin Vilas Joshi, Director, Espalier Experimental School, Nasik
Atmosphere of mirambika is motivational. They are doing their work in marvelous way but others can do it, it looks difficult but difficult things and thoughts always take time to understand. An approach effort towards students and parents of the school is really wonderful. People like us want instant results but that is not the aim of Mirambika. Only the time will tell that when people will understand the values of life in education system.
In Pathways the things and environment is very good. They are also helping society.
Interaction with Mr Naidu and Mr Bijlani was inspiring. It was the bonanza of the tour. We met some wonderful persons at both places. Who have devoted to themselves for betterment of mankind.
One thought changes the life of person but we get many. It depends on us when we will transform us as well as students of our institutions.
Mr. Pankaj Garg, Director, Kalindi School, Rajasthan
Your initiative and energy level is too good. Thank you for the creatively formed idea of such sharing based learning platform for school leaders.
Observations: The venue – arrangements, hospitality are too good.
You are excellent host, pleasant personality and a positive self motivated person.
Challenge is taken that itself worth appreciation.
Ms. Anagha Prabhu, Principal, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Maharashtra
The concept of ‘Learning through Sharing’ is commendable as it definitely provides a Plat form for educationists to learn and implement innovative practices prevalent in schools.
Mirambika stands away from the mainstream of schools wherein the ancient Gurukula method was felt. The philosophy of education as per the views of the Sri Aurovindo was reflected and students were enjoying freedom and tense free learning. What was exceptional was the project-based learning method.
The Pathway School stands out in infrastructure with international standards and high class facilities which are affordable for only a certain class of people in the society. However, a lot of things is adaptable as the school has an attraction with all colorful displays and nice arrangements and extra-curricular activities.
The Dialogue Session was very useful. The Program helped me to be connected to a group of passionate educationists.
Mr. Abdul Salam, Director of Academics & HR (Recruitment),NIMS Group of Schools
MindMingle Program was a true learning experience. It reinforced certain facts that school is not about teaching but exploring content and where every type of learner should be catered to. I came back invigorated and had a meeting with my HOD’s on Wednesday to rethink about our teaching strategies. Also from Riverside we have incorporated secret box and appreciative box for classrooms and staff rooms. Our focus is no more on results but creating learning centers.
Hopefully someday you will all visit Rishikul for the same.
Do look forward to more learning experiences.
Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, Principal, MET Rishikul Vidyalaya, Kavita Sanghvi, Principal, MET Rishikul Vidyalaya