Educators visit to Innovative Schools in Sweden & Norway, 19-25 May 2019- Download brochure Norway+Sweden
Educators visit to Innovative Schools in Japan, 19-25 May 2019 – Download brochure Tokyo+Kyoto


Children must be taught how to think,not what to think


Teachers are artists who know the science of teaching


To bring up children without comparison is true learning

Experiential Learning

Learning is experience, everything else is just information

Mind Mingle is one of the fastest growing startup in the arena of empowered education. Mind Mingle gives school principals, students, parents and staff an opportunity to think in an unconventional manner. 
Mind Mingle is a revolutionary movement committed to making a shift from the way children are being taught, to the way they should be learning. 

“Sharing & Learning”

Mind Mingle Sharing & Learning is a movement initiated by Mind Mingle team for creating opportunities for school leaders to learn the best educational practices from the most creative & top schools in India & abroad through practical school visits and group discussions. Hundreds of schools have been benefited from this initiative.

The core of this educational initiative lies on sharing and learning. As we believe that every school/school leader follows some different excellent practices, some schools are good at ‘teacher retention’ some are good at ‘parent involvement’ some are doing great in ‘academics’ where some are good at ‘co-curricular activities’ and so on.We believe that if every school starts to share its best practices with other schools, it will certainly bring an immense change and make every school equally good.

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Mind Mingle Program- Core Features

“The Inspiration Festival”

Mind Mingle Inspirational Festival is the mega event where we end the year by pouring buckets of inspiration into your mind, body and soul. Amazing guest speakers, thinkers, creators and abstract minds are all gathering together for this one day event of a complete mind boost to the educator in you. Come and mingle with some of the most fascinating educators from India and around the world. Listen to what they have to say on the subject of Inspirational Education. Discover a whole new world of holistic teaching and learning. Find out the new trends in education from a point of changing the mindset of the teacher and the student. So much to take in and grasp in one day. Uplifting stories, sublime live music, organic food stalls and most of all the mingling of minds at this incredible one day event, will be the best way to have ended the year with rebooting your mind.



Congratulations for initiating a program for school Principal’s which in a subtle way cajoled the learner in each of us. It was a perfect blend of sharing best practices and engaging in problem resolution. Your personal touch to ensure constructivism is noteworthy. Wishing you all success
Ms. Nirmala Krishnan, Principal, Mahindra World School, Chennai
The trip was really educational, knowledge full and awesome. We all enjoyed it and both the tour coordinators did a great job. The overall trip was very nice majorly because of learning sources, Students were inspired and taught various techniques and technologies of science.
Ms. Anuradha, Teacher, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad