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If you are looking for an Educational Organization which provides complete solution for the overall development of a school keep looking! But if you want an exceptional educational program with true learning, amazing hands-on experiences and truly well managed events you are at the right place.
MindMingle has been started with a belief that any human being learns better when experiences.
As a Chinese proverb states:
Tell me, I’ll forget,
Show me I’ll remember
Involve me I’ll understand”.

Mind Mingle is an Educational organization which works for the overall development of the schools through educational programs for school students and school leaders.
Mind Mingle educational programs include:

  • Academic trips for school students based on “Experiential Learning”
  • Educational tours for School Leaders based on “Sharing & Learning”
  • Educational Talks to explore ideas of leading educationists
    Teacher training solutions
  • Various workshops for students: Career counselling, management etc.

Our People Our philosophy:

We do not preach we get you the solutions.

Mind Mingle believes that every event should be organized with the purpose of providing the real solutions, and efforts should be made in order to serve what we promise for and to make people feel awesome about our programs. We believe in the philosophy that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.